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Welcome to our flourishing Banana & Potato Farming Company based in the heart of East India, where the fertile soil and optimal climate create the perfect conditions for cultivating exceptional produce. As dedicated wholesalers, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of bananas, including varieties A, B, C, D, C+, and MNS. Each banana is meticulously grown and harvested from our own farms to ensure freshness, superior taste, and nutritional richness. In addition to our bananas, we specialize in two distinct types of potatoes—Potato Early and Potato Goldy—both cultivated with care and precision. Our commitment to quality extends from the farm to your business, providing you with premium bananas and potatoes for your wholesale needs. Join us on a journey of farm-fresh goodness as we bring the flavors of East India to your table.

Potato Wholesaling:

  1. Discover freshness at its best with our Potato Early and Potato Goldy varieties, carefully cultivated in the fertile lands of East India.
  2. As a leading wholesaler, we take pride in offering premium-quality potatoes, harvested at the peak of perfection to ensure superior taste and texture.
  3. Our Potato Early boasts early maturity, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a quick and versatile culinary ingredient.
  4. Potato Goldy, renowned for its rich flavor and golden hue, is a culinary gem that adds vibrancy to a variety of dishes.
  5. Trust our farm-to-market commitment for consistent, top-grade potatoes, delivering unparalleled quality for your wholesale needs.

Banana Wholesaling:

  1. Dive into the tropical goodness of bananas with our diverse range, including varieties A, B, C, D, C+, and MNS, sourced directly from our East India farms.
  2. We offer a spectrum of flavors and textures, from the creamy and sweet A variety to the robust and firm D type, catering to a wide array of culinary preferences.
  3. Experience the exceptional quality of our bananas, known for their freshness, nutritional richness, and consistent quality throughout the year.
  4. Whether you choose the sweetness of variety C+ or the distinctive taste of MNS, our commitment to excellence ensures a delightful banana experience for your customers.
  5. Elevate your wholesale fruit selection with our East India bananas, where each variety is carefully cultivated to meet the highest standards of taste, freshness, and nutritional value.
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